Organic Superfood Drink Pods - Rokit Pods

Super healthy organic drinks

From Vitamin Coffee to Matcha Green, from Barley Coffee to Turmeric Latte, Rokitpods are super healthy organic drinks at a touch of the button. Why should Nespresso machines, just make coffee? These Nespresso compatible drink pod come in a range of flavours, making a good healthy organic cuppa even easier. They fit into Nespresso machines perfectly, making once difficult drinks like Matcha and Turmeric Latte must easier to enjoy. No need for whisking or mess just pop a pod in your Nespresso machine and enjoy.

Eco-friendly organic drink capsules

Our pods are now compostable or recyclable making them eco-friendly and the right choice for our planet. We are a small business who is proudly independent, searching the world for the very best healthy flavours, served in an environmentally friendly way as possible.