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Hotter Chocolate

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SIMPLE, CONVENIENT SINGLE SERVE - Enjoy the benefits of a pure raw organic hot chocolate whenever you want, simply pop one of these into your nespresso machine, turn on, and its done. No more dust going everywhere, complicated mixing, or whisks to clean.

ORGANIC & SUGAR FREE - This 'Hotter' Chocolate blend consists of organic Cocoa, Raw Cacao and Maca and that is literally it!  This delicious, pure and indulgent hot chocolate, gives you the energy to know that life will be good!

SIN FREE HOT CHOC - For best results, simply add your favourite milk of choice to the drink for a sin free hot chocolate that's good for you. This can be either steamed, hot or just simple cold milk, and it can be any type of milk.

"FOOD OF THE GODS" - Mayans called Cacao "the food of the gods" for its many beneficial properties. Ideal to be enjoyed at any time of the day. Intense and enchanting taste. More antioxidants are released when it's heated up.